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#4th Edition
20-22 September 2024

Short Film Days

HIVE's next edition will take place between September 20-22 2024!

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HIVE is an international short film festival based in Berlin.


HIVE empowers unique voices!

HIVE is a multidisciplinary event featuring a diverse array of film selections, audiovisual performances, an educational workshop, and Q&A sessions. This year, we have a special theme "Unbound" and two of the selections on Saturday will revolve around it.

Our program unites cultural producers and audiences to explore different perspectives on social issues, fostering dynamic exchange of ideas and community building.

At HIVE, we strive to create a vibrant and inclusive space where diverse voices can be heard and appreciated. 

HIVE presents a rich and engaging experience for cinephiles!


2023 Programme


19:00  - Opening - Pre-Drinks

20:00 - Selection 1 / Awakening (74 min.)

Awakening explores the diverse experiences of women through short films. The films in the selection showcase the many ways that women are seen, heard, and represented in the world while provoking thought and discussion about the challenges and triumphs of womanhood.  It features characters who are strong, resilient, and complex and celebrates their voices and stories. 

- 7+1 Fragments | Mehrad Sepahnia, Atefeh Kheirabadi | 30min. | Germany 

- Maria Schneider 1983 | Elisabeth Subrin | 25min. | France 

- Ours | Morgane Frund | 19min. | Switzerland

22:00 - HYENAZ | Live Audiovisual Performance


14:00 - Workshop with Şirin Fulya Erensoy | Activism, Empowerment and Change: Exploring Audio-Visual Medias

This workshop delves into the historical and contemporary use of audio-visual media for political activism. From early film history to today's protest movements, filmmakers have employed audio-visuality to convey political messages. The workshop examines the role of activist videos in challenging mainstream narratives, amplifying marginalized voices, and reshaping power dynamics. The workshop also addresses strategic video approaches, ethical considerations in documenting protests, and empowering individuals captured on camera. Participants with a background in filming or photographing protest scenarios are encouraged to share their insights, making the workshop a participatory exploration at the intersection of media, activism, and change.

17:00 - Selection 2 / Displaced (76 min.)

Displaced addresses the reality of insurmountable borders, deadlock and exile as well as forced disappearance. The three essayistic, documentary and experimental films combine distant things and places: blind spots hidden in life style advertisements made during the Argentinian dictatorship between 1976 and 1983, war memories of the early 1990s set in contrast with today's city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the goings-on at a refugee settlement in Georgia near Russian-occupied South Ossetia where the temporary has become permanent. The program highlights the difficulty to overcome a non-healing past, but at the same time shows the power of film to convey hope for a better future.

Curated by Florian Wüst

- Dezerteri | Damir Markovina | 45min. | Croatia 

- ¿Dónde está Marie Anne?  |  Yaela Gottlieb | 6 min. | Argentina

- Reihe 6 | Bidzina Gogiberidze, Lennart Hüper | 25min. | Austria, Georgia, Germany

20:00 - Selection 3 / Unbound (74. min.)

Unbound explores the concepts of belonging and detachment in relation to our cultures, our systems, and our mortality. It questions the meaning of roots and how our roots shape our existence, or if they do at all. What does it mean to feel “unbound”? How do our cultural traditions, geography, and heritage shape our sense of belonging? What are the challenges and rewards of being “unbound”? How do filmmakers negotiate these influences in their creative expression? The selection will challenge and inspire viewers to think about their own sense of belonging, both to the systems and cultures they are a part of as well as to the planet they live on.

- Tower | Emre Birişmen | 20min. | Turkey 

- 9/8fight41  | Gizem Aksu | 29 min. | Turkey

- Back | Yazan Rabee | 7min. | Netherlands 

- Unscarfed | Anita Bruneburg | 9min. | Germany 

- I THINK OF SILENCES WHEN I THINK OF YOU | Jonelle Twum | 9min. | Sweden

22:00 - Performance by Esme Madra & Büşra Albayrak | Tropical Gate

This autofiction story takes us into the lives of two close friends living in Istanbul during the hectic 2023. The story unfolds as they exchange voice notes, focusing on their experiences and challenges during this time. The performance is free of charge!

23:00 - Fezaya Firar | Live Audiovisual Performance


17:00 - Selection 4 / Rock Paper Scissors (66 min.)

The randomness of our physical existence on this planet doesn't recognise any human-made borders. We do not choose where we are born, or what circumstances we will face. This selection explores the political implications of this randomness. It looks at how the circumstances we are born into can have a profound impact on our lives, and how the choices we make can have far-reaching consequences. It shows that we are all subject to the forces of politics and power. But it is also a reminder that we are not powerless even if the odds are stacked against us.

- PARADISO, XXXI,108 | Kamal Aljafari | 18min. | Germany, Palestine 

-​​ March 8, 2020: A Memoir | Fırat Yücel | 15min. |

Netherlands, Turkey

- Unless We Dance | Hanz Rippe Gabriel, Fernanda Pineda | 15min. | Colombia

- Squid Fleet | Ed Ou, Will N. Miller | 11min. | United States

- The Crowd | Pelin Kırca | 7min. | Turkey 

20:00 - Selection 5 / Plunge (97 min.)

Plunge takes you on a journey to another dimension, where you are forced to confront the fundamental questions of life, time, and death. You will be presented with endless possibilities for the past, present, and future, and you will be challenged to reflect on them all.

- Just a Lamp | Felix Hertneck | 10min. | Germany

- Age of Innocence | Maximilian Bungarten | 23min. | Germany 

-​​ Smàre | Valentin Wanker | 22min. | Germany 

- The Dream of A Ridiculous Human | Svenja Heinrichs | 24min. | Germany 

- Stormers | Esme Madra | 18min. | Turkey 

22:00 - Closing

HIVE International Short Film Days

Office Location: Hertzbergstr. 13

12055, Berlin


Event Location: Am Flutgraben 3 

12435, Berlin

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